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The Second International Conference on Halal Trade of Iran and Croatia, October 12-13

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Following the conclusion of the memorandum of understanding between the Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center and the Croatian Halal Center; and holding of the first international conference on halal trade between Iran and Croatia in Tehran on June 28, 1401, the second round of this international conference is being held in Croatia and Zagreb.

According to the prearranged schedule, the second conference will be held on October 12-13 with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia. In this two-day event, activists in the fields of trade, production, financial affairs, information technology, sales and tourism will be present.

To participate in this program, various packages have been considered according to the budget of the participants. A delegation of businessmen has been attended from Iran with the cooperation of the Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center in this event and they will participate in businessmen's negotiation sessions.

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