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    The most important objective of Halal World is the development of Halal culture among Muslims in non-Islamic communities with Muslim minority. Halal issue is considered both as a religious belief and as a superior standard. Holy Quran divides foods, beverages, clothing and other products into two groups as Halal and Haram and from the view point of cleanness also treats all products as clean and unclean. Hence the objective of Halal World Institute is preparing the necessary grounds for the distinguishing Halal goods and services from non- Halal ones. This objective is realized through setting proper procedures for production control, warehousing, transportation and consumption. To achieve this end, all scientific standards compliant with Islamic Shariah are employed in order to introduce Halal Standard as a superior standard to the world.

   Training and research in the field of Halal, sampling and testing of goods to ensure their cleanness and the issue of Halal certificate are some of the measures taken to develop the Halal culture and science.

   The proper implementation of OIC Halal Food Standards and development of standards for other products such as pharmaceutical and cosmetic items, assisting OIC Member States to make regulations, Halal products trade and to help formulate world trade regulations concerning Halal are other objectives of Halal World Institute.

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