The Principles of “Halal” Standard in Textile and Clothes

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Definition: The implementation of «Halal» in the category of clothes is observance Shariah Laws at all presentable services in the field of clothes (Not including any kind of skin, hair or parts of the Haram animal or those animals that did not slaughtered according to the Islamic Shariah) or those kinds of clothes that their wearing are prohibited or the clothes with especial signs defining an especial group of pigeons and non believers and so on.


To observe Islamic laws regarding clothes and kinds of garments for women and men and wearing men›s clothes for women and prohibited clothes for men (like clothes containing gold, pure silk, ornamental products like gold ring, golden watch, golden button and golden glasses etc...)

To regard Islamic laws in other clothing like shoes, belt, bag, etc. (on the basis of their raw materials especially leather)

To regard non existence of different parts of Haram component of the animals in clothes and textiles

To regard washing the clothes with Halal lotions materials or touched with unbelievers and pigeons or containing Najis (Unclean) materials

Article 1: To be familiar with all kinds of Haram meat animals to avoid using their skins, and components in clothes and shoes, etc.

Article 2: To be familiar with unlawful raw materials in producing garments

Article 3: To regard washing for garment which are in contact with unclean materials

Article 4: To be familiar with the resource of the production of clothes of not containing the parts of Halal animals that didnt slaughtered according to Halal laws

Article 5: To be familiar with the religious regulations of the conditions of using the brands and signs of unbelievers and pagans regarding the prohibition of being similar with them by Muslims        

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